MIG-ESP® the DHMb® Lining System

MIG DHMb ® Lining SystemActive exterior and interior coating

The DHMb ® Lining System is a multilayer wall coating system with special properties that reduce energy costs in the building in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

The use of the complete system can replace the cladding of a building with the environmentally harmful and cost-intensive thermal composite system (insulation) and / or supplement it in a meaningful way.

The MIG-ESP ® products can also be used individually to improve existing wall structures and to upgrade buildings inside and outside.all structures and to upgrade buildings inside and outside.

  • Saving energy and CO 2
  • suitable for every type of building
  • heat and cold regulating
    (by infrared reflection)
  • non-flammable
    (A2 fire protection class)
  • brilliant facade optics through light reflection
    (improved longevity of the facades)
  • naturally preventive against algae and fungi
  • stable and comfortable room climate
    (recommended for residential medicine)

More than a beautiful facadeMIG-ESP Exterior - insulating exterior coating

The active outer coating is highly breathable, water-repellent and preventively prevents the formation of mold and algae



A selection from projects shows the variety of areas in which our exterior coating can be use.

Optical brilliance and durability
An increase in value for every building