Dongguan Buddhist Monastery, China


High tech meets Chinese culture

Project description

A new Buddhist monastery shines in the splendor of MIG-ESP ® products. Specially selected colors and shades were incorporated into the architectural ensemble of the Buddhist temple as a design feature.

The believers find exactly their Buddhist color theory in the colors. At this point, western high-tech elements merge with the Buddhist teaching and way of life of Asia.

The Buddhist monastery Dongguan is located on the slope of the 488 m high mountain Guayin. In over 1,000 rooms, young Buddhist monks find their place to pray, work and meditate here. The atmosphere on the 200,000 m 2large lot is breathtaking. The view of the water from a height of almost 500 m, paired with the traditional, colorful wall paintings make this place an unforgettable experience. It is therefore an honor for us that the abbot has decided to repaint the monastery with our coating. In Buddhism, monasteries are painted according to the color theory. Each shade has its own meaning. We have redeveloped these special shades for the project in order to remain true to the meaning of Buddhist color theory. It was a real pleasure to work with the monks, engineers and painters on site. After our work was done, we were always warmly invited to dinner, in which only products from local farmers were used.

Due to the monsoon climate, with a lot of rain, high humidity and intense sunlight, the previous coat of paint quickly faded. Thanks to our hochb s permanent, durable coating, the bright colors radiate now more intense than ever before, both indoors and outdoors.

We thank the abbot for a wonderful project, valuable discussions and the cordiality shown to us.

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